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Powered by Nature, Enhanced by Science

Our mission is simple – to give you the highest-quality wellness experience, backed by doctor-formulated expertise. We blend passion and science to craft each gummy to perfection.


I work on new music everyday and the cranberry-pomegranate gummies really help me relax and get into a good creative space.
Samatha S.
I’m a yoga instructor and CBG Restore gummies are my absolute favorite. I recommend to anyone who practices yoga to give them a try after a workout.
Teal G.
The CBD gummies help with my inflammation. I use them as part of my post workout ritual when I go hard at the gym. They help immensely.
Justin C.


Tested. Tried. Trusted.​​

Peak Purity & Quality

Our gummies undergo rigorous triple-testing to ensure unparalleled purity and safety. The result? Premium quality that you can taste and trust.

A Legacy Brand

Since 2015, KANHA has earned the trust of consumers nationwide, selling over a billion gummies. We've built a legacy on your feedback, crafting an experience that’s loved across the board.

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The Original Smart Gummy

A trailblazer in the industry, KANHA has set the standard with our FX line gummy formulations, becoming a staple in the trusted regimen of many.

Doctor Formulated for Efficacy

Our gummies are formulated for precise dosing, ensuring consistent, effective relief and enjoyment every time.


The fastest-acting gummies on the market


Functional gummies to help you do what you love
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