Gluten-Free Gummies for Weight Loss: Myths vs Facts

The pharmaceutical world is rushing out new weight-loss injections, but the risks and side effects are often a bigger red flag than the bonkers price tag. As an alternative to risking your thyroid, you can find natural solutions in cannabinoids, and KANHA Life can help with its doctor-formulated, gluten-free, cannabis energy gummies. But first, let’s start by separating the myths from the facts when it comes to cannabis gummies and weight loss. 

FACT: THCv Can Help You Lose Weight

Per early findings, THCv offers a megagalist of benefits like increased energy, improved focus and decreased appetite, leading to nicknames like diet weed and weederall. Per the Journal of Cannabis Research, “The uniquely diverse properties of THCv provide neuroprotection, appetite suppression, glycemic control, and reduced side effects.”Click on the links that follow for studies that associate THCv with weight loss, reduced glucose intolerance, lower fasting plasma glucose and elevated responses to food reward. 

MYTH: THCv Is the Same as THC

The cannabinoids are related, but they originate from different precursors, and THCv actually aligns itself more with CBD in many ways. Both cannabinoids, CBD and THCv, interact with serotonin receptors, increase endocannabinoid production and can be used to reduce THC highs. Plus, it’s pretty safe to say most people call THC anything but an appetite suppressant. 

MYTH: All THCv Is the Same

It’s probably a given in most people’s minds that cannabinoid quality differs between brands, but this study puts some science behind the assumption. Phylos, in collaboration with a research and technology company, tested its Natural Natural THCv oil in an IRB-approved, double-blind clinical research study. The results found that Natural Natural THCv “significantly increased energy, activity, motivation, and well-being compared to placebo, without the fatigue and munchies associated with THC consumption.”KANHA Life uses Natural Natural for its THCv products.  

FACT: THCv Is the Most Expensive Cannabinoid 

At this moment, the caviar of cannabinoids costs more, which makes it essential to purchase products from brands like KANHA Life that triple-check the dosage and use high-quality, non-diluted oil. The cost of THCv is starting to come down in many places thanks to recent innovations in farming and by sourcing THCv from federally compliant hemp plants. 

MYTH: THCv Only Works by Itself

This is a strange claim that seems to have no basis in published peer-reviewed science. In fact, the vast majority of studies suggest that cannabinoid compounds produce an entourage effect, which means the compounds work synergistically to produce more comprehensive effects. 

MYTH: THCv Will Get You High

Okay, this is not 100% false, but you gotta burn through a lot of THCv to get high. A low or moderate dose will typically have the opposite effect by reducing the euphoric high and potential side effects associated with THC. If you consume a gummy that contains both, the THCv won’t eliminate the THC high, but it can help moderate it. 

FACT: Gluten-Free THCv Gummies Now Exist 

KANHA Life is the leader in functional gummies developed by real doctors, and our FX line features Energy Citrus Splash with equal parts (10mg) THCv, delta-9 THC and tea green extract in each delicious gummy. The cannabinoids – along with terpenes like pinene, α-humulene and limonene – are sourced from federally compliant hemp, which makes them available at retail and ecommerce in most of the United States. 

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