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FX Sleep Gummies are doctor-formulated and fast-acting, so you'll be better in bed after just one dose.

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We empower people to live their lives to the fullest through our groundbreaking innovation, quality, and science-backed products. People are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re dedicated to helping then do what they love.
“KANHA was one of the first companies to use nanotechnology to create fast-acting gummies, which come in 5mg and 10mg options.”
- Rolling Stone
“KANHA makes one of the top-selling edibles in California."
- Forbes
“The same way that I take my personal vitamins daily, I'll take my supplement cannabinoids as well."
- LA Times

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“I work on new music everyday and the cranberry-pomegranate gummies really help me relax and get into a good creative space.”

Samantha S.

“I’m a yoga instructor and CBG Restore gummies are my absolute favorite. I recommend to anyone who practices yoga to give them a try after a workout.”

Teal G.

“The CBD gummies help with my inflammation. I use them as part of my post workout ritual when I go hard at the gym. They help immensely.”

Juan C.

“Never had a sativa gummy actually work until I tried this one! I was able to get my creativity to a new level!”


Better in Bed

“These are hands down the best sleep gummies. I fall asleep faster and wake up feeling well rested.”
– Corey


KANHA Life gummies blend precision and flavor with doctor-formulated, fast-acting NANO technology. Get tailored effects for energy, balance, or relief in 15 minutes.
Icons of KANHA Life product benefits - energy, restore, sleep, fast-acting
KANHA Life FX Energy Gummy with THC and THCv

Doctor Formulated for Efficacy

Our gummies are formulated for precision, ensuring consistent, effective relief and enjoyment every time.
KANHA Life FX Energy Gummy with THC and THCv

A Legacy Brand

Since 2015, KANHA has earned the trust of consumers nationwide, selling over a billion gummies. We’ve built a legacy on your feedback, crafting an experience that’s loved across the board.
KANHA Life FX Energy Gummy with THC and THCv

The Original Smart Gummy

A pioneer in the functional gummy industry, KANHA has set the standard with our thoughtful formulations, becoming a staple in the trusted regimen of many.
KANHA Life FX Energy Gummy with THC and THCv

Peak Purity & Quality

Our gummies undergo rigorous triple-testing to ensure unparalleled purity and safety. The result? Premium quality that you can taste and trust.
Woman smiling in the sun holding a KANHA Life watermelon hybrid THC gummy to her mouth
Image of woman holding KANHA Life FX Energy D9 THC and THCv gummies

Kanha FX

The fastest acting gummies on the market

Image of woman holding packaging of KANHA Life Fast-Acting NANO Cran Pom D9 Gummies

Kanha NANO

Functional gummies to help you do what you love

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