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KANHA is a leader in lifestyle products that help consumers do what they love. Since our inception in 2015, KANHA has always put the consumer first with new industry standards for safety, consistency and flavor as well as innovation that led to the original fast-acting gummies authentically formulated by doctors. Our latest offerings, crafted with federally approved hemp, ensure wider availability while maintaining the exceptional experiences and flavors that have made our dispensary products bestsellers. KANHA continues to innovate today with breakthrough formulas that enhance performance, creativity and wellness with hyper-targeted effects.

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KANHA Flavors

KANHA is famous for crafting the best-tasting gummies in cannabis, and KANHA Life continues that legacy with a curated assortment of beloved classics and exciting new flavors. From the luscious indulgence of stone fruits to the sweet bliss of exotic berries, KANHA Life delivers refreshing flavors like Marionberry Plum, Acai Blueberry, Citrus Splash, Cran-Pomegranate, Grape and Watermelon. No other brand has such a rich palate of flavors like KANHA. Each real-fruit gummy is like a bite-sized punch bowl bursting with mouthwatering goodness.

FX fruit ingredients - grapefruit, orange, blood orange
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FX fruit ingredients - raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries

History OF KANHA

KANHA, started in 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs with a passion for plant medicine, quickly established itself as the industry leader for scientific innovation, superior taste and clean, safe, precision products. On its path to becoming the fourth-largest edibles company in the country, KANHA pioneered the first fast-acting edible, set new standards for lab testing and crafted the first cannabis products authentically formulated by doctors. After making its debut in California dispensaries nearly ten years ago, KANHA expanded to several states and Thailand as one of the first-ever global cannabis brands. 

In 2024, the award-winning brand introduced KANHA Life, a new product line made with legal hemp that complies with federal regulations. These breakthrough products allow KANHA to bring its prized formulas to even more states, retail outlets and ecommerce nationwide. 

Though a new stage in the company’s history, KANHA Life is a continuation of the values that set it apart from the start: All KANHA products are made with pesticide-free, all-natural ingredients that are triple lab tested for purity, precision and safety. You can enjoy our products with confidence knowing that you won’t be putting anything in your body that we wouldn’t put in ours. For KANHA, your wellness journey is what matters most. 

Our 3 Q's

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Quality of Products

We combine the best of science and nature to create premium quality, all-natural hemp products offered at an affordable price.

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Quality of Life

We understand the medicinal power of cannabinoids and their healing capabilities, which can help you achieve a more active lifestyle and take you on a journey to wellness of body and mind.

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Quality of Community

We care about the community around us and strive to live in harmony with the world. We believe in supporting people in need and being conscientious of the impact we have on the environment.


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