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At the forefront of our science department are Ph.D. experts, board-certified M.D.s and Professors of Chemistry. Their knowledge guides our product innovation, ensuring that every KANHA product is a masterpiece of precision, efficacy and flavor.

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Putting real doctors in charge of our formulas means:


Our formulas are based on science, research and testing, not guesswork,


Original cannabinoid and terpene formulas that you won’t find anywhere else.


Strategic use of complementary compounds for enhanced entourage effects.


Professional expertise and protocols ensure the highest level of product safety.

KANHA pioneered cannabis edibles with the advent of recreational cannabis in the world’s largest licensed market, California.

Our Doctors⚕️

Dr. Thinh Vo Ph.D.

Thinh Vo has a Ph.D. in chemistry from UCLA. He has expertise in taste and texture in food manufacturing with a focus on innovation and quality control. Thinh Vo is a thought leader in the world of cannabinoid and terpene interactions. He is passionate about pioneering new methods to deliver medicine and nutraceuticals safely. As a leader in cannabinoid and terpene interactions, Thinh Vo is continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of confectionary science.

Headshot of Dr. Thinh Vo Ph.D. Dr. Thinh Vo Ph.D. is part of KANHA's ongoing doctor-formulated gummies research and development.

Dr. Andrea Holmes, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrea Holmes, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Director of Cannabis Studies at Doane University, she created extensive educational programs in cannabis and chemistry. Dr. Holmes has founded various cannabis-focused companies and serves as a global consultant. She has authored two cannabis textbooks and numerous articles.

Headshot of Dr. Andrea Holmes, Ph.D. Dr. Homes is part of KANHA's ongoing doctor-formulated gummies research and development.

Dr. Amanda McKinney M.D.

Dr. McKinney, a Triple Board Certified MD. Dr. McKinney also serves as the Dean of the Health Sciences Department at Doane University. Dr. McKinney’s passion lies in the realm of plant-based science, where she leverages her extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals, cannabinoids, and traditional botanical herbs. Her expertise drives the formulation of innovative and effective products.

Headshot of Dr. Amanda McKinney M.D. Dr. McKinney is part of KANHA's ongoing doctor-formulated gummies research and development.


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