Why Delta 9 THC

Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound found in both hemp and cannabis plants. KANHA Life gummies are made with hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and offer the same enjoyable experience as our cannabis-derived products that have been around since 2015. We’re proud to offer KANHA Life to more than 30 states — order them online today for delivery right to your door.

What can you expect from the delta-9 in KANHA Life?


KANHA Life features the very best Delta-9 THC from federally compliant hemp.


Sourcing compliant hemp Delta-9 THC expands the availability of KANHA Life,


Our Delta-9 THC products are formulated by doctors for safety and efficacy.


Careful formulation and fast-acting NANO technology allows for a faster onset.


Triple lab testing ensures precision dosage and clean, safe products.


Advanced technology and safeguards provide reliable experiences.


Millions of loyal customers in the licensed market can attest to KANHA quality.

We only use natural Delta-9 THC from pesticide-free hemp, and by complying with federal regulations, our wellness products are legal to buy and consume in most states. By bringing you the very best in Delta-9 THC, KANHA Life can play a valuable role in supporting your lifestyle goals.


The fastest-acting gummies on the market


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