Hemp 101

Hemp is the world’s most versatile plant. It offers thousands of practical uses, from vegan protein and essential fatty acids to fabrics and building materials, and it can be a plentiful source of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp is actually the same genus (cannabis) and species (sativa) as the cannabis found in dispensaries, but the term “hemp” is used to distinguish plants with lower concentrations of delta-9 THC. According to federal law, hemp is legal if its delta-9 levels are no higher than 0.3 percent, and KANHA Life exclusively sources delta-9 from federally compliant hemp.

Image of outdoor cannabis THC farm on a sunny day

For hemp-based products, this means you can expect the following:

KANHA Life offers hemp-based products from one of the country’s most recognized edible brands. You can expect the same great taste and consistent effects as its award-winning dispensary gummies, but the use of legal hemp allows KANHA Life to be sold in more states, retail locations and through ecommerce. As a more widely available product, KANHA Life makes it easier to elevate the experiences you love with curated formulas for every lifestyle goal.

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