KANHA Reviews

I work on new music everyday and the cranberry-pomegranate gummies really help me relax and get into a good creative space.
Samatha S.
I’m a yoga instructor and CBG Restore gummies are my absolute favorite. I recommend to anyone who practices yoga to give them a try after a workout.
Teal G.
The CBD gummies help with my inflammation. I use them as part of my post workout ritual when I go hard at the gym. They help immensely.
Justin C.

“Sativa gummies are my favorite because I am a mellow person and the balance of the 10mg dose and feeling of calm is beneficial to my outlook on my life and the challenges I face.”

Rudy R.

“Sleep gummies are my go-to. I suffer from chronic pain from a bad car accident. Usually, I wake up in pain & pop a gummy as soon as I open my eyes.”

Crystal T.

“Grape indica nanos!!! Why are they my favorite you may ask, well that’s bc I’m impatient 😊.”

Camilla D.

I do not have a favorite because all of them are awesome, especially the nanos!

Tamia B.
Belts are the best, love the high dose but also they taste AMAZING!
Ally G.
Restore 2:1 CBG gummies. They have helped me out so much with my digestive and pain relief. Highly recommended.
Fransisco M.
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