FX Restore Acai Blueberry Gummies

Bounce back with our restorative burst of delicious Acai Blueberry and a perfect 2:1 blend of CBG and THC. Refresh and feel rejuvenated both inside and out.

10 gummies per bag.

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15 reviews for FX Restore Acai Blueberry Gummies

  1. Jessica M.

    Restore 2:1 CBG gummies. They have helped me out so much with my digestive and pain relief. Highly recommended.

  2. Nev I.

    RESTORE – great pain relief, helps me sleep and doesn’t make me unable to function.

  3. Susan M.

    I’m a yoga instructor and CBG Restore gummies are my absolute favorite. I recommend to anyone who practices yoga to give them a try after a workout.

  4. Megan D.

    I especially love taking the Restore CBG gummies after a workout in the gym or after some outdoor activities like my soccer games. The CBG helps with pain, inflammation, digestion, and its an overall mood enhancer. They help me bounce back after an intense workout so I am able to get through the week not as sore. Another way to save your lungs as well.

  5. Teal G.

    The Restore CBG gummies helped snap me out of a seizure in 30 minutes, and work as a preventative. Absolute blessing, thank you KANHA!

  6. Val H.

    Had COVID, Tylenol and Motrin weren’t working for excruciating body aches and tried CBG gummy, the aches were gone after taking one.

  7. Fransisco M.

    I’m autistic and your CBG gummies have been a lifesaver for me when I’m having a meltdown.

  8. Camie

    These seriously don’t disappoint. I always feel so relaxed any time I have CBG. I love the acai blueberry flavor!

  9. Jess D

    These gummies make me
    Feel better from head to toe. Helps my cramps during my dreaded monthly. LOVE these gummies!

  10. Catherine R.

    This stuff is no joke. Makes me feel amaaaazing

  11. Kaitlyn E

    I took these for some lower back pain and it handled it so well I forgot all about it! I was sitting there wondering why I was a little high and had to be reminded I took this for the pain I stopped having! Amazing!!!

  12. Chrissy

    Dude, this product is legit awesome! The euphoria and chill vibes are on point, and the CBG just melts away all the tension. It’s perfect for kicking back after a long day and just feeling totally at ease. not to mention it has 300mg of cannabinoids WHAT!!! So good!

  13. Tristan M.

    These are great for my motion sickness and anxiety from flying. I always use these on trips.
    Great body high and super relaxing.

  14. Janelle V

    I recently tried the Restore Acai Blueberry Gummy, and it’s been a fantastic addition to my wellness routine. This product offered a well-rounded experience. Were great for boosting my mood and helping me relax.

  15. Annika

    I use this when I’m super sore from a workout and it gives me so much relief

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