FX Energy Citrus Splash Gummies

Fuel your day and power through anything with our electrifying splash of zesty citrus and ripe berries. Enhanced with Green Tea Extract, our unique 1:1 formula of THC and THCV may provide energy, sharp focus and mental clarity.

10 gummies per bag.

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7 reviews for FX Energy Citrus Splash Gummies

  1. DK

    Literally my favorite product! If you struggle with focus you need these!!! Most energy products just give me jitters because they are packed with caffeine and don’t actually help “get more done”. Try these energy gummies and thank me later.

  2. Camie

    I think I’ll be replacing my coffee cup in the morning with one of these from now on! These got me goingggg!

  3. Jess D

    If your in to clearing your head of all that brain fog to get stuff done this is the guy! Huge fan! This is easily, my new favorite thing next to my morning coffee!

  4. Kaitlyn E

    These are so insanely good, cannabis science has come leaps and bounds and Im so impressed. Ive never tried an edible that made doing work so fun

  5. Chrissy

    This product is amazing! The D9 gives a nice, relaxing euphoria, and the THCV keeps me focused and energized. Plus, the green tea extract gives a smooth energy boost without any jitters. I feel super relaxed and clear-headed at the same time!

  6. Tyler

    This is my go-to pre workout! So good!

  7. Elizabeth

    Love this product!! It’s left me with a clean energy type of high. Really helps me stay focused

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Availability: 1791 in stock

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