NANO Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

Balance your day with our fast-acting Hybrid Watermelon – uplift and unwind with each bite.

KANHA NANO uses VESIsorb technology, a patented system that enhances the absorption of cannabinoids by converting them into nanoparticles upon chewing.

These nanoparticles bypass gut enzymes and liver metabolism, allowing for faster and more effective absorption into the bloodstream. This reduces the lethargic effects often associated with other edibles, providing a quicker and cleaner experience.

10 gummies per bag.

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3 reviews for NANO Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

  1. DK

    The best tasting gummy hands down!

  2. Camie

    These make so happy. A true hybrid too with a nice balance of relaxation and energy. And who doesn’t love a watermelon flavored candy?

  3. Ernie C

    Soo good. Love the flavor. Didn’t think it would actually hit so fast but WOW. “Fast-Acting” is no joke lol.

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KANHA Life Fast-acting NANO Hybrid Watermelon Gummies with D9 THC - PackagingNANO Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

Availability: 1775 in stock

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