KANHA NANO: The Best Fast-Acting Technology in Hemp Gummies


Nanotechnology helps address many of the issues with edibles, including limited absorption, long onset times and a higher risk of overconsumption, but not all nano is created equal. Many companies sell products made with makeshift nano that most nutraceutical companies wouldn’t touch, and a lack of regulations allows them to make questionable marketing claims without peer-reviewed scientific validation. Our fast-acting NANO gummies at KANHA is the sole exception. Published studies in a leading science journal validate KANHA NANO’s claim as the best and safest fast-acting nano product in the industry. 

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Why Traditional Gummies Fall Short

The human body struggles to absorb cannabinoids from traditional edibles. Cannabis oil is not water-soluble, necessitating extensive first-pass metabolism. This process can take 45 to 90 minutes, with the body absorbing only 20% to 30% of the cannabinoids. Factors such as concurrent food metabolism can further delay this process.

Enter KANHA Fast-Acting Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology transformed the cannabis industry in the 2010s. “Nano” means “one billionth part of,” and in cannabis, it refers to reducing cannabinoids into nanoparticles that bypass the regular digestive process. This leads to significantly better absorption and quicker effects, although results vary based on the type of nanotech used.

KANHA Fast-Acting NANO: Leading the Way

Our fast-acting NANO gummies employ a patented system called VESIsorb, a self-emulsifying drug delivery system used by global CPG companies for decades. VESIsorb makes cannabinoids “body-ready” by pre-digesting them into smaller particles. When you chew a KANHA NANO hemp gummy, the combination of saliva and body temperature initiates self-emulsification, mimicking the body’s natural digestion. This process transforms cannabinoids and terpenes into nanoparticles, one-thousandth the size of a human cell. These nanoparticles bypass gut enzymes, absorbing directly into the bloodstream for faster and greater effect. Additionally, smaller Delta-9 THC particles avoid liver conversion into 11-Hydroxy-THC, reducing the heavier, lethargic effects common with other edibles.

The Competitive Edge

Many competitors use top-down systems that break cannabinoids into unstable pieces, resulting in inconsistent and inferior products. Without proper scientific validation, these companies make unsubstantiated marketing claims, risking consumer safety.

KANHA NANO, by contrast, is backed by rigorous scientific research. German researchers validated our delivery system in a randomized, double-blind, crossover clinical trial, published in the journal Molecules. Compared to a control group consuming cannabinoids in MCT oil, the study found:

  • A 440% increase in cannabinoid absorption
  • 300% faster absorption speeds
  • Significant improvement in all pharmacokinetic parameters

Consumers absorb 80% to 90% of cannabinoids in a KANHA NANO gummy, compared to 20% to 30% in many competitor products

Unmatched Performance

Comparing VESIsorb’s performance to 24 other cannabinoid products with published pharmacokinetic parameters, none matched its speed or absorption rates. Notably, VESIsorb outperformed GW Pharmaceuticals’ oromucosal spray, previously assumed to benefit more from sublingual administration and the entourage effect. Another study in Pharmaceuticals found that VESIsorb’s AUC (Area Under the Curve) values were 17 times higher than five other “water-soluble” CBD formulations, underscoring superior bioavailability.

Ongoing studies continue to validate VESIsorb’s safety and effectiveness across various applications. Unlike competitor brands, KANHA NANO’s claims are backed by peer-reviewed studies, including safety and stability data and a long history of safe use.

The Consumer Experience

Consumers may not always understand the science, but they recognize better results. KANHA NANO offers superior absorption, faster effects, shorter elimination times, improved bioavailability, and a decades-long safety profile, all scientifically validated. Whether you seek health and wellness benefits, casual enjoyment, improved performance, high dosage, or are trying gummies for the first time, KANHA Fast-Acting NANO Gummies deliver the optimal experience.

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